Regular Sports Activities

"To inculcate sound mind in a sound body"

To ensure both physical and psychological fitness.

Importance to sports is on par with academics. Health and fitness are the salient features of the curriculum. Structured physical education classes fill students with fun, enjoyment and also develop skills. Basic skills required to deliver the sport is imparted through the physical education classes. Skill sets like confidence, goal setting, team spirit, optimism and the like find a prominent place in the physical education curriculum.

Houses: Blue,Red,Green & Yellow

The students of classes I - XII are divided into 4 houses and get an opportunity to participate in intramural and extramural tournaments as individuals and as part of a group.Individual skills are tracked through the atheletic Meet conducted classwise.

LVS sports meet

Lakshmi VidhyaSangham organizes Sports Meet among all TVS schools at Madurai to create a healthy competition and to strengthen sportsmanship and kinship among the students of all the schools.

Edu Sports

This programme is designed to offer the same rigour in sports and physical education as in academics. Aimed at developing a rounded personality, good health and improving fitness levels, the programme envisages creating physically educated children on the principles that every child must play and develop right skills at the right age.