Our curriculum, as per the formulations of the board of Matric schools, is entirely learner centric . It facilitates and promotes knowledge, understanding, self-discovery, self-learning, analytical skills and, above all, kindles the spirit of enquiry on the part of the learner. It discourages rote learning. In our scheme of things, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities gain as much prominence as academics.

Group Major Subjects
Group I A Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science
Group I B Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Group III A Commerce, Economics, Computer Science, Accountancy.
Group III B Commerce, Economics, Business Maths, Accountancy.


Activities are a way of life in Nursery . This involves a wide array like specially designed curriculum that focuses on enhancing reading, singing and games during the developmental stage . Montessori method is practiced to strengthen the understanding of students . From the formative years , progress in children are gradually tracked .

Daily Assemblies, Projects , variety shows and sports day are designed to equip children to show case their talents, imbibe values and develop presentation skills.

Parents are invited to be a part of classroom activities to observe and understand the methodologies adopted in the school.

Parent's and Grand Parent's days are celebrated to strengthen the bondage. This gives immense joy and makes it one of the most memorable day in their life .

Pre Primary

Learning with understanding is the major focus and children are exposed to experiential learning through activities , field trips and projects. The activities are designed in such a way that it facilitates children to work alone and to work together as a team . Children get ample opportunities to develop various skills and show case their talents during daily assemblies, Annual days and projects .

Children are assessed on the knowledge and skills acquired, periodically in a systematic way , without laying pressure.

The internal and external competitions like Lakshmi Quest, Literary Association activities , Bharathiar day celebration, Gita Chanting and the like further enhances their abilities.

Parents are invited to be a part of classroom activities to observe and understand the methodologies adopted in the school.


Students in the primary classes are always filled with the enthusiasm to learn and enjoy schooling. To facilitate this Music, Yoga and Drawing is roped into the curriculum to heighten the spirits of students and make them truly relish and appreciate their days in school. Classrooms ever buzz with activities to both lighten the spirits of kids and help them learn through the play way method. Prominent features are the Montessori classes, computer programme and also games. These efforts help them to unleash their inhibitions and come out with the zeal. Imparting values through the normal walk of life is a way of schooling in our campus.


Comprehensive and continuous assessment of acquired knowledge and skills is made.



Our focus is on developing knowledge and skills and providing ample opportunities for applying these in relevant situations through laboratory experimentation and projects.

Vedic Maths

Incorporating Vedic Mathematics in the curriculum has served many a purpose. Offering coherence and flexibility these techniques promote creativity, mental agility, efficiency and speed in mathematical calculations. Additionally they are easy ,appealing and fun to learn and apply. Above all, students get to appreciate the wealth of our ancient knowledge systems and perpetuate the same for future generations.

Friday Activities

These well designed activities serve as an extension of regular class room teaching to reinforce learning and also help the teacher gauge levels of understanding of individual students. Assessment is made along with the consolidated term end evaluation.


Assessment is continuous and comprehensive and is based on performance in various activities. Term end exams are given 80% weightage while the Friday activities and regular classroom activities are given a 20% weightage.


While the general focus of this section of students and the parents is on the preparation for the Board examinations, we believe in developing the overall personality of our students. Our life skills education equips them with skills required to lead a wholesome life and also face challenges effectively.


We believe that continuous practice helps in students performing their best in exams. Daily tests and term end exams help us gauge and fine tune students towards excellence.

Digital Learning

Interactive smart boards provide a dynamic learning environment and facilitate understanding of abstract concepts effectively.


Mindspark is a computer-based adaptive learning system which primarily uses questions to help children learn. The questions are 'finely-graded' meaning that there are a very large number of questions of gradually increasing levels of difficulty. Questions are specially designed to test understanding and to help students clear misconceptions. There is very little emphasis on instruction due to the belief that students learn when they have to think – either to answer a question, or do an activity on the computer. This is also done as we see Mindspark as complementary to the teacher and in fact an unobtrusive professional development tool for the teacher himself/herself.

Mindspark is an adaptive learning program that helps:

  •   Students learn Maths by employing a constructivist theory of learning by answering questions that are appropriate to their current understanding. Each student is given a login and a password that enables them to solve the objective type questions in the current maths topics they deal in the class.
  •   Supports teachers in schools to teach to where the need is.
  •   Teachers of primary and middle level discuss and analyze the constraints faced by them and go for the immediate remedy.
  •   Students are privileged to access this Mindspark programme even at home.

Creya Learning Program

Creya learning is a fun filled, activity based learning. It helps the students to develop creativity, innovation and collaboration. In creya lab students work with engineering constructible which are miniature version of various parts used in machines. Buildings. Vehicles etc.,

The digital media learning kindles the creativity of the students to make short films and take photograph using digital camera. Creya exposes students to basics of engineering. Photography and movie making .A well-established lab with efficient teachers is an added advantage to the students to make their learning further effective. Engineering and Digital media projects presented by the students every year add color to their learning.