KG – Class 3

  •   Montessori way of learning
    •   Helps to nurtures order, concentration and independence.
    •   Supports the students emerging self regulation.
    •   Focuses on key developmental stages.
    •   Encourages cooperative play.
    •   Learning is child centered.
    •   Children naturally learn self discipline.
    •   Paves platform for experiential learning/ hands on learning.
    •   Inspires creativity.
  •   Learning is child centered.
  •   Children naturally learn self discipline.
  •   Theme based learning.
  •   Self learning.
  •   Natural learning.
  •   Smart board modules.
  •   Co- curricular activities
    •  Art/Craft/Dance/Music/Theater arts are interlinked with the curriculum.

Classes 4 - 8

In classes 4-8, Enduring understanding is the major focus. Ample opportunities are provided to the students for knowledge and skill development. Students are encouraged to apply the knowledge and skills gained in relevant situations and present age-appropriate projects which strengthen their concept understanding.

Focus is given to all the four skills to enhance the language of each and every student. Various platforms are provided to enhance the four skills of a language. More focus is given to improve the communication skills of the students.

Mathematics connected with real life situations makes learning Mathematics a joyful experience. Students are exposed to Asset based questions which prepare them to face competitive examinations without any hesitation. It promotes critical and analytical skills in them.

To understand basic concepts of science, students are motivated to productively engage themselves in self learning and peer learning. Activity and project-based learning paves way for clear understanding of the concepts.

To create interest in History, students are encouraged to explore beyond the text. We strongly believe that developing civic sense in the young minds is the prime duty of the educators. We facilitate them to understand the essence of the rights and duties of every citizen through model parliament and quality circle projects.

To have a keen focus on all these academic activities, students are given a ten minutes break to keep their young minds at peace during silence time. This silence time is accompanied with a mild music which helps them to calm down their mind.

Supportive Saturdays

Supportive Saturdays serve as an extension of regular classroom learning through fun filled activities.

All the above-mentioned activities nurture every student for an overall and holistic development.


Assessment is continuous and comprehensive. Students are assessed based on the performance in various activities and term end Assessment.

Classes 9 - 12

We go the extra mile for our children!
  •   For classes 9 to 12, increasing the subject average is the focus area.
  •   The students are exposed to various competitions - for developing their skills and to apply the knowledge gained.
  •   SCIRE FESTO - conducted to explore the abilities and the conceptual strength of the students, to kindle their creativity and interests in learning.
  •   Physical education classes are structured periodically per week to enhance their fitness, well-being and to improve the attention span of the child.
  •   Counsellors and dedicated teachers who have been trained - guide, council and befriend students, helping them in their emotional and social growth.
  •   The conduct of life skill classes and value camps enable our children to excel in their skills and morale.
  •   Career guidance programmes are specially organised for students to create awareness, to think beyond and set their future goals successfully.
  •   Supportive Saturdays are utilised for various online activities such as quality circle, subject forums, various quiz programmes etc.
  •   Hands on practical sessions are organised for our students to have the best possible exposure in subject skills.
  •   Intra-school programmes namely MELANGE, MINERVA and other club activities provide a platform for our students to showcase their talents.
  •   Our School believes in a ‘student centric’ method wherein we empower our students to take up leadership and facilitate teamwork to function in harmony.
  •   Fundraising programmes organised by the INTERACT CLUB, nurtures the Good Samaritan in our students.