Information Centre

Acts as a dynamic link between the school and the parents.

Open Air Auditorium

A venue for the mega events like Annual day.

Craft Hall

It is a well-designed auditorium with a large stage and a seating capacity of over 400.

Conference Hall

A venue for all important meetings, seminars and discussions.

Roller skating ground

Sprawling cemented area to experience the joy of skating


Hot, hygienic food is provided at a nominal cost with comfortable serving points and dining area. A staggered break facilitates ample space for all age groups.

Play Ground

We have a large playground with a 400 m race track and courts for the following:

  •   Volley Ball
  •   Throw ball
  •   Foot ball
  •   Shuttle
  •   Ball Badminton
  •   Basket ball
  •   Tennis
  •   Table tennis
  •   Tract for 400mts

We give coaching in Football, Tennis and Basket ball.

Audio − Visual Room

A spacious and well equipped room ideally suited for technology enabled teaching, discussions, seminars, presentations and the like.

Teachers´ Resource Room

A convenient place with plenty of terminals to store school data and internet facility to meet academic and administrative needs.


Junior Science Lab

A place where many a future scientist and technocrat is nurtured. Open to students of classes IV – VIII, it promotes spirit of enquiry and learning by experimentation.

Montessori lab

We provide a carefully planned stimulating environment that surrounds the children with appealing materials. Self-learning and self-initiative are promoted through enjoyable activities.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs

The spacious Physics , Chemistry and Biology laboratories which can accommodate up to 50 students at a time are well equipped with sophisticated apparatuses and ample safety measures for doing experiments for Classes from IX to XII. Plenty of state of the art gadgets, abundance of reagents and rare specimens aid and enhance learning by experimentation.

Computer Labs

The school has three computer labs.

  •   Primary Lab : The primary computer lab is equipped with 15 computers. Students of Classes I-III learn the basics of computer operations through animated stories, rhymes, games, etc.
  •   Junior Lab : Junior computer lab has 25 computers. Students of Classes IV-VIII learn the basics of computer programming. A unique feature is Computer Aided Education. A rich collection of subject related CDs facilitate exploration and collection of information on a variety of topics.
  •   Senior Lab : With no less than 60 computers , our senior computer lab caters to the needs of the students of Classes IX-XII and provides them a convenient platform to learn advanced programming concepts and applications.
  •   Creya Lab : The four Cs , the need of the hour are Creativity, Collaboration, Critical thinking and Communication . Creya curriculum followed in classes VI,VII and VIII facilitates the development of skills and makes them performers. All classes are embedded with food for thought and promote learning together. Students are exposed to a plethora of activities based on concepts in Science which help in unleashing the diverse thought processes in students. The outcome of student performance is sometimes amazing and unbelievable. These are opportunities of learning, application and self-expression.


Our libraries are store houses of knowledge and veritable gold mines. Besides books the main library (40,000) and the junior library (7000) house an astonishing range of multimedia CDs, reference materials, encyclopaedias and other resources. The Open Public Access Catalogue System (OPAC ) in these libraries helps students and staff access information about the resources in a user-friendly manner.