Rules & Regulations

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
your thoughts become your words,
your words become your actions,
your actions become your habits,
your habits become your values,
and your values become your destiny.

Mahatma Gandhi

The destiny of a student is always designed and decided by the school. It is the prime duty of the educators to channelize the path of the youth. The school is the appropriate place to implantdesirable values in the students. Hence THE TVS SCHOOL has identified five core values which are the quintessence of the value system of a person. They are SHARING; PUNCTUALITY, OWNERSHIP, RESPECT and TRUST, together called SPORT culture of THE TVS SCHOOL.All activities of the school are interwoven with these values. The school strongly believes that the devoted efforts of the teachers in inculcating these values in the students will yield the best results in the form of Value based quality citizens.

1. Dress Code

All the students should report to school only in school uniform on all working days. Students should adhere to the prescribed colour, pattern and the style of wear .A defaulter of dress-code under genuine circumstances may be condoned for not more than 3 times. Repeated offenders shall be suspended from School for a period of 2 weeks.

2. Punctuality

All the students of (FN) should report to school at 6.55 am and those of (AN) at 12.35 p.m. Their absence in the class room at the commencement of prayer will be deemed as late –coming. A defaulter may be condoned for not more than 3 times under genuine circumstances. At the next instance of late-coming, the parents concerned will be called in and counselled. A grace period of 7 working days will be allowed for self-correction, failing which the defaulter shall be suspended from school for a period of 2 weeks.

3. Attendance

No student should abstain from school on any working day without prior permission from school or due authorization by parents. Absence for more than 3 days on medical grounds will be condoned only on a medical practitioner’s certificate. Unauthorized absence for more than 3 days, either on end or on staggered working days shall lead to suspension from the school for a period of 2 weeks.

4. Regularity

Students should scrupulously adhere to dead –lines set by the school, class-teacher and subject teachers for completion of any exercise, task, home-work and submission of records related to laboratory experiments as well as oral records. Wilful and irresponsible violation of such deadlines by the students will result in their being debarred from such as Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual examinations. Similarly, non compliance with any of the statutory requirements of Public examinations such as Matric and Higher Secondary will result in the names of the defaulters being struck off the nominal rolls of such public examination.

5. Behaviour

Students should behave in an exemplary manner during school activities whether inside a class-room or outside it on and off the campus. They should uphold the culture and ethos of the reputed institution they belong to and avoid indulging in activities that may bring disrepute to the school or undermine the dignity of faculty. Heckling, bullying, shouting, disruptive clapping, whistling, banging the desks, studied indifference to the faculty’s repeated attempts at restoring order shall be considered as grave violations and will result in serious consequences. Repeated violations even after counselling and intimation to parents may lead to detentions, suspensions and even dismissal from school.

6. Academic honesty

Students should uphold high values and honest practices in their own interests and in the interests of the School and not indulge in any malpractice especially during examinations. The script of the candidate found indulging or trying to indulge in any malpractice during any examination will not be valued. Consequently, this malpractice will get reflected in the report card. A wrong-doer in this regard will be condoned only 3 times. Repeated violations will result in suspension from the school for a minimum of 30days / term.

7. Use of electronic gadgets/cell phones

Students are not permitted to use any personal electronic gadgets such as cell phones, ipods etc on the campus. Any violation will lead to confiscation of the items. Repeated violations will result in suspension from school for 15 days.

8. Celebrations and gatherings

Students should avoid unauthorized assembly, birthday-bash, farewell, get-together and celebration of any kind on the Campus. Violators will be suspended from the school for a period of 15 days.

9. General Behaviour

Students should display exemplary behaviour on and off the campus during school activities and uphold the dignity of the educational institution they belong to and maintain high standards of culture and civilisation.

  •   Students must show respect for school property and also others’ property. Anyone found guilty of theft or damage to school’s or others’ property will be summarily dismissed from the school.
  •   Students should display a healthy and respectful attitude towards the other gender. Anyone found guilty of teasing the opposite sex, exchanging gifts, degrading the dignity of the sex, abusing social networking sites for promoting enmity, hatred, violence and gender prejudices will be suspended from the school for a term / minimum 30 days. The commission of the same crime for the second time will result in immediate termination from the school.
  •   They shall desist from any form of violent behaviour on or off campus during school activities. Any student or a group of students involved in abetting / participating in any kind of violence during school activities( including firing crackers ) will be summarily dismissed from the school, regardless of the number of culprits.
  •   The School has a no tolerance policy toward use of alcohol / drugs etc. Any student found to be either in possession of alcohol/ drugs and any other intoxicating substance or in an inebriated condition will be summarily dismissed from the school.
  •   Any student who has incurred the punishment of suspension from the school for a period of more than 30 days or 2 times any duration shall not be allowed to continue his / her career the following year.