All the students who have passed out of the school in SSLC or HSC are members of the THE TVS SCHOOL Alumni Association.

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THE TVS SCHOOL Alumni Association is a non-profit society with the following objectives:

  •   To strengthen the professional networking among alumni.
  •   To foster solidarity to ensure continuous engagement within the alumni and with the school.
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  •   To maintain a database of THE TVS SCHOOL Alumni Association, enabling them to reconnect with their friends.
  •   To provide a forum for discussion of common-interest issues.
  •   To provide a means for career networking and mentoring to both THE TVS SCHOOL Alumni Association and to current students who need guidance.
  •   To be a source of information about the current activities goings-on in THE TVS SCHOOL
  •   To provide an occasional "walk down memory lane", back to our days in THE TVS SCHOOL.


Yesterday Once More

August 14, 2016, a spirit of freedom pervaded the Craft Hall. And it was not because of the next day happened to be the nation's Independence Day. But it was the freedom of fun and nostalgia, rung in by the re-union of the batch of 1986. To this batch goes the credit of having produced the most number of medical doctors. But gathered on this hot and sultry day were the cool buddies who comprised, among others, not only doctors but also engineers, businessmen, corporate honchos, teachers, a movie cinematographer and a journalist.

The importance the '86 Batch had laid for this day, titled, "Together@30" signifying the 30 years since they passed out of this eminent school, can be gauged by the fact that they had turned up from America, the Gulf, Germany, and not to speak of from various location from within the country.

The day began with a sumptuous spread of buffet breakfast and soon enough the action shifted to the 'Craft Hall' where the clock was virtually turned back to 1986 as the old school mates gathered in good cheer and bonhomie to receive the dignitaries of the day, the school Principal Mr. Ramesh, the Head Admin Mrs. Selvi Santhosam and most memorably, of course, the teachers and staff from 1986. This was led by the then Principal Kamala. Others who graced the occasion included Mrs. Girija, Mr. Gururajan, Mr. TV Balasubrmaniam, Mr. K Krishnan (Tamil), Mr. Aiyappan, Mrs. Jhansi Rani, Mrs. Saraswathi, Mrs. Kamakshi, Mr. Chandrasekaran, Mrs. Seethalakshmi, Mrs. Janaki, and Mrs. Valli. Former lab and office assistants Mr. Ramamoorthy Mr. Renganathan & Mrs. Angalammal were also present.

After a welcome address and a minute of silence in memory of those who had departed in the interregnum (both teachers and fellow students), the function began with impressive speeches from the Head Admin and Principal. They both spoke passionately about how the TVS Lakshmi Matriculation School was proud to have produced such a talented bunch of students most of whom have done well for themselves in their lives.

Soon, with interesting and warm introduction for each of the former teachers recalling their days in the school, the floor was thrown open for the gurus of yesteryear and they regaled everyone with speeches that were high, both on emotion and content. For the gathered former students, it was back to school as they sat in rapt attention with their teachers holding forth.

The teachers and the staff were honoured with mementoes and shawl on the occasion. It was a small token of love. On the whole, the morning was full of respect, reverence and good-natured fun. There were a few tears too --- of happiness and sundry other emotions that kept welling up among all. And again there were plenty of photos, group pictures, and the now ubiquitous selfies.

Then it was time for lunch, and again it was a huge spread that had both the stomach and mind sated. The afternoon session was one for song and dance as some of the kids of the '86 batch students performed. The songs and musical show was the icing on the day that was verily, as the Carpenters once sang, 'Yesterday Once More'.

The day ended with the clock striking, well, 1986!


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